An auction is a direct competition sale between bidders, in which different quantities are offered and the bidder is sold with the highest quantity offered.
Auctions start when someone has applied for a domain. A period of time is established where different bidders will give an amount. The auction ends after the established period and is sold to whoever has bid the most money.
If a bid is placed on a lot within the last FIVE minutes of the auction, bidding will extend on that lot for FIVE minutes past the closing time. That lot will remain open until there are no bids on that item during the extended time period. This only affects lots that receive a bid during the last FIVE minutes of the auction. Any lot not bid on in the last five minutes will close as scheduled.
The process begins from the period is established. During that time, registered users will be able to bid an amount for the requested domain. A history of the bidders is generated, which serves as a guide to know how much they can bid. At the end of the time period, the auction closes and the user who bet the most for domain issues is contacted.
A user can enter an auction betting on the domain. The amount and the number of times you want to bet depends on it.
This will depend on the user and what he contemplates to offer both in amount of money and times.
Yes. A user can bid for more than one domain.
At the end of an auction, the user who bet the most on the domain that is the winner is notified. In addition, the auction is marked as concluded.