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.monster domains are general, but are being adopted for sites about monsters, paranormal things or topics of this type. They are of a general nature, so they have no restrictions for users.


The features are usually the same for most TLDs, although there are certain restrictions for some. Usually everyone complies with the following

Extension 3 - 63 Characters
  • Letters: a-z
  • Numbers: 0-9
  • Hyphens (except in the 1st or last character of domain name)
Not allowed Special characters in domain (!, ", #, $, %, &, etc.). Ex.: m&domain!.com
Years Most are from 1 - 10 years
Renovation Most are from 1 - 10 years

Life cycle for Top Level Domains

Domains have an expiration date. That is why they go through different phases to become available again. This varies by domain, type, type of contract, and availability. This period goes through the following phases:

Available Domain Names

The first stage that a domain goes through is through the availability stage. At this stage, the domain is available on the network and does not belong to any user. Any user can request it for a period of 1-10 years. Typically, applicants can see the availability of these domains on the sites responsible for seeing their expiration.

Registered Period

During the registration period, the domain will be registered and activated for the user who requested it. After that, the applicant must keep the domain for a minimum period of 60 days, before moving on to another user. During this period, no one else can access the domain and cannot buy it, until the contract ends. In advance, it will notify the user that his registration will expire soon, so he must respond to whether he hires him again or his registration ends there.

Expired Period

When the registration period has ended, in case it is not renewed prematurely, the name will be deleted. All kinds of contracts will end. But it cannot be offered again yet. Since after its expiration, it goes through a grace period, where the user must pay more for its renewal if they request it again.

Redemption Grace Period

During this period, delete the entire record of the requesting user, in addition to deleting the log history, making it more difficult to retrieve. In addition, having a much higher cost added to the fine

Pending Delete Period

If the domain is not renewed after going through these stages, it goes to the detention period, where for a period of time it is not available to anyone, it lasts 5 days. After that, it becomes publicly available again.

Deleted and Active

During this stage, the domain becomes public to any user again. There are no impediments to your request. That is why it is advisable to register the domain again once the contract date has ended.

Price of Domains with .monster
Type gTLD
Domain Price
.monster $11
Managed by NIC from tld

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